Sweet Stuff

Our recipes are easy to make with ingredients in your pantry… and most importantly they are perfect to enjoy with others and hopefully make great memories in the process!

Honey & Apple Sponge

This is a family favourite and it can double as a cake or dessert - BONUS!

Thrifty Sweet Loaf

This recipe harks back to the Great Depression, although strange sounding, it is delicious! A classic case of don't judge me until you have tried me.

Honey & Pecan Nut Muffins

Sweet, nutty, and made with ingredients in the pantry. These beauties are quick and easy, perfect for lunchboxes, or to share at the next morning tea.

Dairy & Egg Free – Delicious Chocolate Cake Recipe

This is a delicious chocolate cake recipe, harking back to The Great Depression, fascinatingly enough there is no dairy or egg, so great for those with allergies! It’s dead simple, but it does do your head in because it really isn’t normal. Trust me, it’s delicious.

Tamarillo Mascarpone Scones

Something new to try, let's be honest the scones are plain but the Tamarillo Mascarpone take these to the next level!

Busy Mum’s Muesli Slice

Looking for an easy, no fuss and, healthy lunchbox slice? Look no further!

Easy Muesli Muffins

These quick and easy muesli muffins are great for lunch boxes or a pantry fill in.