Fifty Years in the Making…Now a pantry staple.

Imagine if you will, in the early 1970s in New Zealand, a young man decided to commence a law degree in Auckland. These were the days when $10.00 paid for your room and board – talk about the good old days. Amongst the challenges of uni and the lifestyle it brings, Frank Hogan was first introduced to muesli for breakfast, a filling meal to supercharge a brain and body for the day.

Muesli in the 1970s consisted of only a few ingredients, mainly rolled oats, apricots and, sultanas. Over a few years, sunflower and pumpkin seeds were added for more variety to Frank’s homemade staple. Exploring South America in the mid-1970s saw Frank add more dried fruits to the mix as this bespoke muesli evolved.

By the early 1980s, Frank with his wife and children decided on an extended holiday in our own back yard. Off the family went on a once in a lifetime adventure, exploring and touring the South Island of New Zealand. Way down south, Frank’s world was turned upsidedown as he was introduced to toasting Muesli. The addition of honey and oil suddenly amplified the taste to out of this world as the sugars were caramelised and the natural flavours of the dried fruits and nuts are enhanced. Welcome to the world “Premium Muesli”.

Later, back in Auckland, having settled into family and work-life as a busy lawyer, for the Hogan family, Frank’s muesli became a pantry staple. The ingredients for the muesli were bought from bulk bins throughout the 1980s, with children in tow. The production of larger batches was done at home in the family kitchen with the whole family helping out – ensuring there was enough to go around for a week or two.

Like all good things, soon friends and family realised they were on to a good thing, adding their support in the production process as a thank you for the bags of muesli that were provided for holidays, camping and tramping trips. (Although I suspect a few were hoping to score brownie points or at least a bag or two of muesli!)

Frank and his wife continued with their careers until some ten years ago when it was decided it was time to diversify from a very successful legal career. A creative option was to turn a life long love of muesli and a bespoke recipe into a boutique business – Granpa BB’s Premium Muesli. Production was ramped up and the innovation at the Foodbowl in Auckland used and leveraged to ensure quick scaling for national supply.

When chatting with Frank, his belief that everyone should have a good breakfast is apparent and his passion for muesli is palpable! His muesli has 28 ingredients; 11 varieties of fruit, 6 seeds, nuts, spices, cereals …the list goes on. The honey comes from the High Country, the Organic Maple Syrup is imported from Canada, and vanilla comes from our island brothers in Tonga. It is quite obvious that variety is the cornerstone of Granpa BB’s Premium Muesli.

Many people have discovered the handy ziplock bags for their campervans, camping, tramping, and exploration of our gorgeous back yard. You can simply add fruit and yoghurt for an easy breakfast – or nosh it out of the bag as I do.

Airbnb operators, boutique, and top-end hoteliers have also discovered Granpa BB’s Premium Muesli, with packaging available in single serves, it makes it easier and simpler for guests. On the other hand, those who are operating larger restaurants can purchase foodservice packs up to 20kg. With a shelf life of twelve months, it is easy to store product for future use.

I’ve created a few recipes using Granpa BB’s Premium Muesli, I can tell you from personal experience that you can replace a number of ingredients by simply substituting with Granpa BB’s – have a look at these simple, affordable, and easy to make options: Busy Mum’s Muesli Slice, Easy Muesli MuffinsQuick Muesli Bread

To purchase Granpa BB’s Premium Muesli for your Airbnb, Boutique Hotel, or Food Service options, click here. Or if you’re looking to buy some fabulous muesli for yourself, go to Granpa BB’s Premium Muesli, what you’ll get is a homemade recipe, delivered to your door from Karaka. It’s all made here in New Zealand, and you’ll be rest assured you’re supporting yet another wonderful Kiwi artisan producer.

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